Training in the ERP Shipping Cargo Solution

King Ocean Courses prioritizes the training of all personnel who will use the ERP Shipping Cargo Solution. As part of the ERP Implementation Process, the training of all workers is an inevitable step toward success.
One of the main problems that companies encounter when implementing systems as complex as these is using the application to which workers are accustomed. That is why training is so necessary. Users must familiarize themselves with the new system's operation before working with it.
The content of this ERP user training program focuses on logic, software concepts, features, and practice. The extensive use of videos and a navigation map helps with this intention.

Available courses

This course aims to prepare the personnel responsible for the reception of the goods received in the warehouse, known as loose cargo. This course provides you with the necessary knowledge for developing an efficient reception process with the help of existing tools.

This course offers a guide for the correct use of the TRAFFIC LCL Module of the ERP SHIPPING CARGO SOLUTION and all the communication services devices integrated into the solution. Associated with the explanation of the benefits of the application for the exploitation of this ERP module, there is a set of procedures necessary for the efficient development of the operation.

This course will address the control of the operation of equipment used in King Ocean to develop its management. The course covers how the Shipping Cargo Solution System supports the functions of Equipment Storage, Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance, and finally, the Loading and Unloading of this Equipment in the shipment of Goods.

BAF, CAF, BUC, GRI, ISPS, SRC, ... It is not the first time our clients have asked us about the meaning of any of these terms that we include in maritime transport quotes, both in full container (FCL) and in LCL maritime.

Depending on the origin and destination of the cargo, if it is a full container or LCL, if it is dangerous merchandise or oversized cargo, the casuistry is very varied. Therefore, the concepts that we can find are very varied.

In this Price course, we can see all the terms used and how to understand a maritime transport quote: FCL vs. LCL, all through the ERP Shiping Cargo Solution Application in its Price Module.

Site announcements

Training in the New Shipping Cargo Solution System.

by ceferino martinez -

Welcome to the Traffic LCL course.

Soon we will give you a personalized explanation about the use of this Course and the resources available in it to support your training in the new Shipping Cargo

Solution System.

We will help you in detail to navigate through the Virtual Classroom and to recognize resources such as:

·         The map of the navigation system.

·         Videos that illustrate how the activities of Traffic LCL are carried out

·         Educational resources on maritime logistics activity

·         Example of a shipment from the Quote to the moment of filling the Container.

We will be showing you where to find and how to download the User Manuals:

·         The Warehouse User and Procedures Manual with note sheets for recommendations or observations.

          (This manual explains the reception activity and its related processes).

·         The LCL Traffic Module User and Procedures Manual with note sheets for recommendations or observations.

We will be scheduling personalized meetings to develop tours in the system that allows you to advance your knowledge and clarify doubts.

Our first online course !!!

by ceferino martinez -

We are working on our first ERP Shipping Cargo Solution System course. This first course is designed for LCL Traffic personnel. The study's objective is to train Traffic personnel to use this tool for the performance of their functions. 

Hopefully, it will serve you!